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Our assignment for this project was to explore eight different search engines and give our opinion on them. Not only will I give my opinion on each search engine, I am choosing each search engine based off how they are the best for a certain topic.

WOLF << This search engine would probably be the best to find specifically what you want to look for. I liked how it made categories for the topic you chose.
BING << This search engine has some really great network connectivity. I use bing when I want people on my facebook to know I have questions about things. It makes it easier to get their opinions on things.
DUCK << This search engine is great for beginners. It is a simple set up and easy access sort of search engine.
YAHOO << This search engine is really easy to manage. Personally I only use this search engine when I need to ask questions. I like using this search engine because I can get advice from random people about whatever problem I may be having.
WIKI << This search engine is good for people who already have knowledge of the information they are researching. I personally do not like using this search engine because many people can edit the information and make it false.
KIDS << This search engine is one of the search engines I allow for my kids to use. It monitors everything they search and hinders any and all adult/ mature material.
ASK << This search engine is commonly used. I like using this search engine when I don't know exactly what questions to ask.
WORD << This search engine is great for looking up scholarly journals etc. I have used this search engine for many writing projects along with research projects. It links straight to awesome schools and publishing houses.



What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?

In this assignment we were asked to research ideas/thoughts on what we need to know to be an effective teacher. I wanted to take a different approach to this assignment by asking kids what they would think a good/effective teacher would need to know about asking questions. I asked two kids in my own household just to get there perspective on this topic. Check out what they had to say HERE...

Now you might be wondering why I asked kids these questions. My answer is the simple fact that we as prospective teachers need to be able to understand and listen to our students. Although I am not a teacher yet my brothers help enhance my teaching abilities by asking me questions. I get to help them learn things while I get to learn things about them. How can we answer the question asked correctly? Well, like Leighton suggested there are no bad questions. I personally agree with him. If you have the guts to speak up and ask a question there is obviously a reason behind it. I think we should know that every question is a good question and that some questions are going to be harder to understand than others.

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In this blog post assignment I learned how to peer review better. I honestly thought that I did a good job with peer editing. I didn't realize all the negative ways you can peer edit and how hurtful they can truly be. Peer editing can be simple if you follow the three steps and staying positive and specific. Those three steps are complimenting, suggesting and correcting. I really enjoyed how simple and to the point the videos and power point were. It made it easier for me to understand how things are supposed to work.
Since I am majoring in English, I believe that I can use these rules and steps to teach my future writing students how to peer edit better. I am excited to say that this assignment is right up my alley of interest. I am hoping that I can use these to help further my education in teaching to help my future students learn/write better.

Blog post #2

Mr. Dancealot......
I believe the central message of this video is to show how learning a certain subject may actually need other ways of teaching. The author of this video achieved his conclusion of this by adding little pop-ups that were comical and made you think about what was going on. I personally wouldn't have passed that class without being able to physically get up and do it.

What does it mean to teach in the 21st century?
Roberts believes teaching means the use of technology. He also believes learning requires being self taught.
A.) Roberts believes that anyone can find anything; anywhere, anytime and any place.
1.)electronics... i.e. cellphones, laptops, ipods, etc.
2.)Online resources... i.e. google, wikipedia, etc.
3.)social media... i.e. facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.

B.) Roberts believes teaching is asking questions.
1.) What does it mean to teach?
2.) Ask questions.
3.) How would we know how to do something if we never ask why?

I personally agree with Roberts theory that students can get information from anywhere and anything. I believe that it will shorten the time to learn certain criteria by allowing self-enhancement to occur.

In the video "The Networked Student" I had many reactions.
My first reaction was that this was going to be a very boring video. I was honestly shocked at how much I learned from the video. I didn't realize everything that could be done through networking. At first I thought that the teacher wouldn't be an actual teacher. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that she was teaching just in a different way then I had imagined. I am beginning to realize that teaching in the 21st century is going to be more of guiding students in a better direction to gather information on their own rather than spoon feeding them information.

Davis' thesis is the idea that students learn differently and that empowering students will help them learn to learn. I completely agree with her arguments. I really enjoyed her argument about how teachers shouldn't go into teaching "knowing" everything. I agree because teachers should be students too. In order to teach you have to be able to learn.

Who's ahead in the learning race?
I am an undergraduate and very much believe that elementary students are ahead in the learning race. I believe it is easier to teach the younger generations about technology than it is to teach older students about technology.

Flipping the classroom
Flipping a classroom is new to me. I had never even heard of this until watching this video. I like the idea of flipping the classroom because some students may have a hard time sitting in a classroom listening because of other students. For me as a prospective teacher I can see using this technique in my classroom in order to further the education of m students. I can see this actually making my classes jump ahead!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog post #1

EDM310 is a very different course than I had originally thought it would be. I thought that this class would be learning about how to use technology during your teaching. While yes, this class focuses on how to use technology, it is a very self-based learning class. It isn't about using technology to teach others but using it to teach yourself. My biggest fear about this class is that I won't be able to figure out how to do everything I am supposed to for each post. I realize that Dr. Strange along with the class helpers are more than willing to help. I have never taken a blogging class before and I am really excited to take this course in order to further my technological experiences. I am ready to succeed in this class. Maybe, when i become a teacher I can be able to teach my students how to blog and use HTML.

I am ready for SUCCESS!
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Practice Blog Post Assignment

A. Who am I?
a) BreAna Riley
b) full time mother and student
c) dance instructor
d) 19 and single

B. Why do I want to be an educator?
a) I enjoy teaching
b) it is helping our future
c) It is my passion to help people learn new things

C. What does an educator do in his or her practice?
a) helps the future generations to succeed
b) teaches people different life skills

D. What are my passions?
a) dance
b) writing
c) being a mother
d) planning parties/events

My name is BreAna Riley. I am nineteen years old and I am a single mother of two beautiful little girls. I am going to school in order to further my education in teaching. Right now I am working as a dance instructor which is one of my many passions in life. I have danced for almost eighteen years and I have taught for the last four. I enjoy writing as well. I have actually had a few poems published into a book and I have won a few competitions. I want to teach high school English because I feel that writing/reading and our language is important in developing adults. We have to constantly communicate and there is a proper way to do so.
Being an educator has always been a deep desire of mine. I grew up helping my mother teach my younger siblings their coursework and have helped other home school groups teach. I chose to attend the University of South Alabama because I have a scholarship that covers all of my books, tuition and living expenses. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to attend school with out all the expenses.
An educators job in the 21st century is to help the future generations to succeed and better the community.
Source:BreAna Riley Ariana My Daughter is one of my passions!

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